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Grounds Maintenance Services Worksop

At Weedfree we provide a range of commercial grounds maintenance services for businesses in Worksop and the surrounding area. With over 40 years’ experience in the grounds maintenance business, we provide excellent value for money on a wide selection of services for businesses, commercial landlords and public sector organisations of all types.

Our clients in and around Worksop include:

– Offices and retail units

– Business parks

– Schools and colleges

– Public libraries, hospitals and local NHS facilities

– Roundabouts and public green spaces

– Manufacturing facilities/factories and industrial parks

Responsive Grounds Maintenance

Our grounds maintenance services are responsive to your needs. You may require regular care throughout the year or your requirements may vary from season to season. We provide competitively priced grounds maintenance contracts on flexible terms that cater to all your needs. We are also available for grounds maintenance assignments on demand, including emergency callouts (e.g. to clear fallen branches, repair car park potholes etc.)

Our goal is to ensure your grounds are well presented and in good condition throughout the year, with excellent quality services at a price you can afford.

Our Services

With a directly employed, experienced team of grounds maintenance professionals and modern, well serviced equipment, we are qualified to carry out the full scope of grounds maintenance and gardening tasks:

– Car park and walkways maintenance

– Winter repairs & maintenance – repairing damaged surfaces, applying grit to driveways, removing fallen leaves and snow etc.

– Weed control throughout the year

– Tree pruning

– Flower bed and hanging basket maintenance

– Architectural gardening – including installing new flower beds, planting trees and shrubs, managing rockeries, water features etc.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on our efficient, friendly customer service. Our team are selected for their professionalism, commitment to their job and reliability – and are all DBS checked. Our work comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your grounds maintenance requirements, please call 01623 653568, or send us a message through our contact form.

Corporate Grounds Maintenance Sheffield

For businesses in and around Sheffield, we offer affordable corporate grounds maintenance services, with flexible service contracts to meet your requirements and budget. Our suite of services is adaptable to your needs. Customers include individual offices, shops, retail centres, commercial business parks and other organisations.

Our Services

Our suite of services cover every aspect of grounds maintenance for businesses premises. Your needs will vary throughout the year, from weed control and grass cutting in the summer, to car park grit spreading in the winter. All our services can be taken out individually, or you may choose to spread your costs by taking out one of our convenient maintenance plans, which can be tailored to your needs.

Our services include:

– Lawn care, including grass cutting and weed control
– Maintenance of verges, hedges and planters
– Tree and hedge maintenance
– Installation and maintenance of architectural features, including water features, rockeries, decorative walkways, hanging baskets etc.
– And more

Why Choose Weedfree?

If you are looking for a flexible, affordable corporate grounds maintenance service that fits around your seasonal needs, look no further than Weedfree. Here are some of the main reasons to choose us:

– We have a full stock of up-to-date grounds maintenance tools and gardening equipment, making us able to respond rapidly to any task you set us.
– Our team are all directly employed by us. We recruit our staff for their reliability, professionalism, grounds maintenance experience and qualifications. Each employee gets regular training to keep their skill set up to date and to enhance the service they offer our customers.
– For your peace of mind, all our team are DBS checked and our service comes with public liability and employers liability insurance.
– All our services are affordably priced to suit most budgets, whether you take out a managed contract plan or individual services as the need arises.

Want To Know More?

For a corporate grounds maintenance quote that ticks all the boxes, please get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 01623 653 568.

Grounds Maintenance Service in Nottingham

At Weedfree we offer a range of flexible grounds maintenance services at attractive rates for local Nottingham businesses. Our services are tailored to the needs of our customers, who include individual businesses, commercial landlords, business parks, public sector organisations and many more.

Our Grounds Maintenance Services For Nottingham Businesses

Our business-focused grounds maintenance services include the below.

– Lawn and flower bed maintenance – including verges, staff areas, roundabouts etc.
– Seasonal grounds maintenance over the autumn and winter: including leaf removal, gritting of pathways, hole filling etc.
– Tree surgery and pruning
– Hedge trimming
– A full range of soft landscaping services – including installing flower beds, hedges, planters and other features.

Services can be undertaken on a case-by-case basis, or as part of an affordable payment plan for regular maintenance. Please contact our service team for more details.

Reasons To Work With Weedfree 

If you’re looking for a grounds maintenance provider in the Nottingham area, there are several reasons to contact Weedfree. Here are some of the main ones:

– We offer a personalised service, adapting individual services to meet the changing needs of your premises throughout the year.
– Our team are equipped with all the tools and maintenance equipment they need to carry out their job safely and efficiently.
– Each one of our grounds maintenance staff are carefully vetted and selected for reliability, professionalism and proven ability.
– Our prices are competitive locally and are affordable for businesses of most sizes.
– We are fully covered by public liability and employers liability insurance.

Contact Us

For professional grounds maintenance services at highly competitive prices, get in touch today for a free quote. You can call our team with any questions on 01623 653 568. We look forward to hearing from you.

Commercial Landscape Services Derby

With a team of fully trained, professional gardeners, at Weedfree we deliver a full range of commercial landscape services to businesses in Derby and the surrounding area. We offer low prices on all our services, with flexible contracts to meet the needs of your ground at different seasons of the year.

Why You Need A Commercial Landscape Service

At different times of year, your commercial grounds will face different challenges. At the end of winter, for instance, you may find that dozens of little holes have appeared in your car park and walkways, creating a trip hazard for employees and guests. In the summer, overhanging tree branches may obstruct access areas, or weeds may ruin the appearance of your lawn and flower beds.

Maintaining a commercial area takes time, landscape knowledge and the right equipment. You could do this in-house yourself, but this often requires a large investment in tools and the expense of employing one or more people. You can save money by using a commercial landscape company like Weedfree. We offer the full benefit of employing a landscaping team yourself, at an affordable rate that can be scaled up and down according to your needs.

What We Do

Every company has different requirements for their premises, so we offer a flexible range of landscape services to meet your budget, your grounds and seasonal requirements. If you have a particular job to do you can take out our services on a case-by-case basis, or we can provide our landscape services on a flexible contract.

– Maintenance of flower beds and planters.
– Tree surgery, branch lopping and pruning.
– Lawn care.
– Soft landscaping for new grounds features, including flower beds, lawns, hedges etc.
– Maintaining architectural features.
– Seasonal maintenance; including snow removal, leaf sweeping, weed removal and repairing frost damage.

Why You Should Work With Weedfree

Choosing Weedfree for your commercial landscape requirements bring s you many benefits. Choosing a specialist commercial landscape service provider is always more cost-effective than hiring a general purpose garden, due to our experience, qualifications and specialist equipment.

– Guaranteed low prices on maintenance contracts and individual services.
– 25 years’ experience serving local businesses.
– Extensive public and employee liability insurance.
– Up-to-date stock of landscape tools and equipment, with all kit replaced regularly and kept in excellent working condition.
– A professional team of landscape professionals, qualified to take on any task you require.

Request a Quote

We provide a full range of commercial landscape services to keep your premises looking great throughout the year. Whether you are developing new premises or simply looking to maintain your existing commercial grounds, we can offer you a competitive quote and a quality service you can rely on. Call us to find out more on 01623 653 568.

Industrial Grounds Maintenance Sheffield

At Weedfree we offer industrial customers in Sheffield a cost-effective grounds maintenance service with a range of individual services to suit your requirements. We serve all types of industrial client, including factories, distribution centres and industrial business parks.

Why Choose An Industrial Grounds Maintenance Service?

Let’s face it; industrial premises aren’t always the most attractive places on their own. Having professionally maintained grounds makes a world of difference: neat lawns, well-maintained trees and carefully selected planters make the area more welcoming and encourage a good first impression on visitors and customers.

Many industrial businesses are put off grounds maintenance because of the cost of employing gardeners in-house. With Weedfree, this is not necessary. We can set up a flexible contract to meet your requirements and budget, giving you access to a professional team with no requirement to invest in your own maintenance tools.

Flexible Service Contracts

We provide our services on a flexible basis to meet the needs of your business. Our team can maintain your grounds on a needs basis – for instance to repair cracks in your walkways after the winter – or as part of a regular maintenance contract. Our prices are affordable and tailored to meet your budget, so get in touch to discuss a bespoke plan.

– Lawn care for verges, grassy areas and roundabouts.
– Winter grounds maintenance – including gritting and snow removal.
– Unwanted weed removal.
– Tree and hedge maintenance.
– Maintenance for architectural features, such as flower beds, hedges, planters, water features and rockeries.

Industrial Grounds Maintenance From Weedfree: The Advantages To You

We stand out from other gardening companies in Sheffield by providing a specialist industrial grounds maintenance service. We understand the needs of industrial customers and tailor our services to fit the unique requirements of your grounds.

– Up to date grounds maintenance tools, with a team equipped to take on any task quickly and efficiently.
– Our team are directly employed by us, and selected for their professionalism, reliability and genuine passion for their job.
– For your peace of mind, our service comes with full public and employee liability insurance.
– We offer some of the lowest industrial grounds maintenance prices in the Sheffield area.

Get In Touch

Attractive, well-kept grounds create a great impression on customers, employees and visitors. Our team can help maintain your industrial grounds in top condition throughout the year, at the best rates in the Sheffield area. Call us for a competitive quote on 01623 653 568.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Nottingham

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Nottingham

We provide an affordable, professional commercial landscape maintenance service for businesses across Nottingham. Our services are ideally suited for business parks, offices, retail businesses, public spaces and industrial units.

Why Use A Professional Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company?

Nature has a way of reclaiming its own: weeds sneak up between cracks in your pavements, frost reduces your car park to rubble and trees grow wild and dangerous. Using a commercial landscape maintenance service helps keep the forces of nature in check, while making sure your grounds look tidy and attractive throughout the year.

Well-kept grounds create a positive impact on visitors, customers, employees and potential tenants (if you are a landlord). It can cost a lot to employ an in-house maintenance team with the up-to-date equipment they need to do their job efficiently. Outsourcing to a company like Weedfree is a more cost-effective and flexible option. With our scalable services you can meet your needs at all times while never spending more than you have to.

Landscape & Maintenance Services

Our commercial landscape maintenance services are tailored to the needs of business clients. Depending on the time of year, you may need different services, such as lawn mowing and weeding in the spring and summer, and pavement gritting in the winter. You can always call us for an individual quote when you need a particular service, or we can discuss a flexible contract plan that covers your maintenance needs throughout the year. Give us a call to find out more.

– Tree maintenance, including branch removal, pruning, lopping etc.
– Lawn care and maintenance: keep your lawn looking neat, tidy and free of weeds all year round.
– Landscape management – let us maintain your rockeries, flower beds, hanging baskets and planters.
– Winter care and repair.
– All types of commercial premises catered for.
– New landscape developments, including staff breakout areas, verges, roundabouts etc.

Why Choose Weedfree?

The answer is our depth of commercial experience. You won’t find many specialist gardening companies with the knowledge and experience of working with corporate clients – certainly not at the prices we offer.
– Our team are fully qualified, experienced gardeners with a track record of reliability and a clean CRB check.
– Our maintenance team come equipped with all the latest gardening equipment and tools.
– We have full public and employee liability insurance.

Find Out More

For over 25 years we have provided high value commercial gardening services, at some of the best prices in the area. To find out more and for a free quote, please call us on 01623 653 568.

Our Latest Machine At Weedfree

Weedfree are pleased to announce our Brand New Machine. This latest machine is perfect for large contract grass cutting, including sports fields and much more.






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Commercial Landscape Services in Barnsley

Weedfree Garden Services specialise in commercial grounds maintenance and soft landscaping services for businesses in the Barnsley area. We provide a range of affordable soft landscaping services, including lawn maintenance, repairs, architectural gardening, tree care and more. We provide peace of mind that your premises will look great at all times of year, we can offer you discounts on monthly or yearly service contracts. Continue reading