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Benefits of caring for your grounds
As any good maintenance or building manager is well aware, the condition of an estate’s grounds can have a big impact on how it is used and enjoyed. An attractive and well-kept lawn, for example, will make a great first impression on visitors, customers or tenants of commercial properties, and generate plenty of great photo opportunities for marketing material! So how can you care for your grounds, and what exactly are the benefits?

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Prioritise Lawn Maintenance

Lawn treatments are a simple way of ensuring your grass looks healthy and lush all year round. Indeed, commercial lawn care does not have to be difficult if you nourish your grounds with some fertiliser every month or two. Benefits of lawn treatment include:

1. Lawns Produce A Cooling Effect

During hot summer months, grass can be between 10 and 14 degrees cooler than soil alone, and up to 30 degrees cooler than pavement! In this way, overheated punters or customers will flock to your lawns to enjoy its cooling benefits.

2. Grass Improves Air Quality

A healthy lawn generates lots of oxygen and has the capability of absorbing a whole host of pollutant nasties such as dust, soot, and even noise. In this way, lawn maintenance is a great way of improving air quality and bringing a sense of serenity to your grounds.

3. Lawns Improve Soil Quality

A well-kept lawn is capable of preventing soil erosion by protecting the ground from water and wind.

4. Pretty Lawns Promote Exercise

There’s nothing more likely to get kids and adults active than a good-looking lawn. What’s more, sports fields and grounds with healthy, bouncy lawns are very safe areas for exercise as they are able to cushion any falls.

Think About The Aesthetics Of Your Ground With Some Garden Maintenance

Looking after your lawn is one of the most important aspects of nurturing aesthetically pleasing grounds, as a decent patch of grass can help to brighten and soften the appearance of any outdoor area. However, it may also be a good idea to think about the kinds of shrubs, plants or flowers you may want to scatter around the grounds. Flowers, for example, can add a real pop of colour to a building’s grounds and will provide a good source of nourishment for wildlife. It may also be a good idea to think about including some fruit-producing plants or trees. There’s nothing like a little bit of fruit-picking in summer, after all!

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Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
May 3, 2019
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.