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4 Things You Should Bear In Mind To Make Sure Your Business Is Braced For Unexpected Snow

Winter is truly beginning to take hold, and through late November and into December, there have been multiple predictions of a severe cold snap. Snow can cause havoc for businesses if they're not properly prepared. Keeping your employees and customers safe on your grounds when snow has fallen is of the utmost importance.

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What Should You Bear In Mind To Make Sure Your Business Is Braced For Unexpected Snow?

1. Getting The Right Assistance

The first thing to do is seek out the services of a specialist contractor, such as Weedfree Landscapes. A good contractor will be able to offer you practical advice and services to help make sure your business is properly prepared for snow. After that, you should consider subscribing to weather alerts to give you as much notice as possible for impending bad weather.

2. Being Prepared For Gritting

Gritting is essential when snow falls, so you need to be properly prepared to lay grit. First, start by knowing when to lay grit. To be most effective, grit needs to be laid in the evening or the early morning, before frost and ice can settle. It also needs time to begin working, so plan ahead for customers and employees to arrive. Your gritting equipment should be easily accessible.

3. Ensuring Employee & Customer Safety

If your business is going to stay open during a period of snowfall, you'll need to ensure that everyone who is going to arrive has a safe path to your premises. All pathways will need to be thoroughly gritted to provide the maximum traction underfoot, preventing the risk of employees or customers slipping. Remember that snow turns to ice and slush, which can be even more slippery underfoot.

4. The Right Equipment

To properly deal with snow, you'll need the proper equipment. Warm, waterproof clothing is going to be essential, as is stable and secure footwear. Heavy-duty gloves, also waterproof, are a wise investment, to keep your hands warm and dry while gritting or shovelling snow. Snow and grit shovels are a necessity, as is a grit bin and bucket. All equipment needs to be accessible and to hand.

Contact A Specialist

With cold snaps predicted it pays to contact a specialist winter grounds maintenance company. They can provide your business with the advice and services necessary to stay open during a sudden snowfall. Weedfree Landscapes can provide your business with all the insight you need this winter, so contact us today to learn more.

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Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
November 30, 2019
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.