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The Dangers Of Not Gritting Your Business Grounds In Snow And Ice

During the winter season snow and ice are relatively common in the UK, and the coldest months pose many risks when weather is at its most extreme. Snowy and icy ground can cause serious accidents, but gritting is an economical and effective way to minimise the dangers of ice.

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However, many business owners wonder whether it's really necessary to grit their grounds even during icy spells, with a view to cutting costs. While it's true that you could save a small amount of money by not gritting when the ground is icy, you'd also be taking on a serious amount of risk by skipping this important task.

Ice: a danger on both paths and roads

Most business grounds will present two separate dangers when the ground is icy: the danger of slipping and falling on icy paths, and the danger of collisions and accidents on icy roads. While road accidents might sound like the more dangerous of the two, they are usually just the more costly: trips and falls on icy paths can pose a very serious risk to elderly or vulnerable customers.

Care should be taken to assess areas of risk including car parks, driveways, paths, and steps. While ideally all of these routes should be gritted, areas of particular concern include roads and paths on a slope as well as precarious steps and tight corners.

Duty of care

It's important to remember that, as a business owner, you have a duty of care to employees, customers, and the general public to ensure that your business premises does not pose a specific risk of injury.

The Health and Safety Executive's Approved Code of Practice for the Workplace Regulations even refer to snowy and icy conditions, suggesting that ‘dutyholders need to minimise the risks from snow and ice’. The regulations go on to recommend gritting and snow clearing as potential ways in which this can be achieved.

It's clear that the onus is on business owners to ensure their business premises are free of hazards and to prevent accidents wherever possible. With lawsuits in recent years resulting in £500,000 payouts, choosing not to grit the paths and roads in your business grounds is a very serious and risky decision and not one that should be made lightly.

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Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
July 23, 2020
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.