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Don’t Neglect Those Fallen Leaves - Why You Needed To Clear Them Up Yesterday

It’s getting darker and greyer every day here in little old England and the trees are starting to look barer and barer. All those leaves haven’t just floated off into the clouds, however – they’ve fallen straight down onto the ground, and in a good majority of business premises and other commercial grounds, they’ve just been left there to slowly turn to mulch.

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Here’s why you can’t let that happen.

Leaves Block Drains

With Autumn and Winter comes heavy rainfall (as you may recall from the last couple of weeks alone!) and rainfall can lead to flooding. In the case of blocked drains, water builds up faster than ever and fallen leaves, particularly in the sheer volume that we get at this time of year, quickly create a thick barrier between the rainwater and the drains that would normally take care of it. Clear away fallen leaves, especially around drains, to maximise water drainage and help prevent flooding.

Leaves Provide Camouflage (& Not The Good Kind)

Layers of leaves in all the red and gold Autumn colours may look nice but when they pile high enough, they can hide many things – including trip hazards such as fallen branches, rocks, and even broken glass. Keep your footpaths clear of leaves to minimise the dangers that can come from obscured items on the ground.

Leaves Get Slippery

This one is pretty straightforward – leaves are smooth and in colder, damper conditions quickly become slippery and more dangerous to walk on. Don’t risk a slip and fall – sweep up those leaves.

Leaves Are Inconvenient

The fact is, it’s just harder to walk over piles of leaves, no matter whether they’re slippery or dry and brittle. You have to be more mindful of your chosen footwear, leaves stick to your shoes with every step, and the whole process slows down your journey from A to B. Get rid of those leaves to straighten out your day!

Take Care Of Fallen Leaves

All of the above covers the risks to pedestrians but the same applies to vehicles too. Some types of car tyres have less grip, just as small children and some elderly people just have less balance and are at higher risk around fallen leaves. When making decisions on safety, it’s vital to think with your highest risk group in mind.

It’s important to be pro-active when it comes to leaves blocking pavements, roads and other walkways because the more that build up, the harder they will be to clear away. It’s also important to rake or otherwise move leaves by hand, though – don’t be tempted to rinse them away with water, because residual water can freeze and create black ice, which is just as dangerous as leaves.

Give Us A Call

If you can’t find the time to keep your grounds clear of leaves, you can employ a grounds maintenance contractor like Weedfree Landscapes who will keep your business premises or commercial grounds free from leaves as part of your routine maintenance service. Call us today on 01623 653568 for more information.

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Image source: Pixabay
Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
November 29, 2019
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.