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Spring landscaping for business grounds maintenance

While April may be prime time for landscaping and gardening in your business grounds, it’s worth noting that preparation should start a little earlier in the year so that you’re ready by the time spring comes back around. From drawing up a watering rota to considering whether you’ll need any professional maintenance services, there’s plenty to think about prior to getting the lawnmower out. We’ve prepared six tips to help you with preparing for spring landscaping this year: Why Do Your Grounds & Outside Space Matter? Click here to find out!

1) Be Wildlife-Friendly…

If your business wants to improve its environmental credentials, why not create an exterior area that is wildlife-friendly? Plants that attract butterflies and pollinating critters like bees include lavender, bluebells, crocuses and hawthorn. In addition to making the exterior of your premises bright and beautiful, you might also want to add some bird feeders to attract migrating birds this summer.

2) …But Be Wary Of Pests!

Wildlife and other stray animals, however, can cause havoc to your landscaping. To protect your premises, you may need wire mesh, fencing or plants which can deter pests. While moles and foxes look great on a Christmas card landscape, you don’t want them running around your business grounds!

3) Be Wary Of When To Plant

While you might be getting excited at the prospect of planting shrubs and fruit trees, it’s important to understand that many plants thrive when planted at the right time of year. You might want to do some research online or consider using the services of a professional gardener who will be able to tell you when the best time for planting is.

4) Consider The Growth Of Your Plants

When planning your business’s exterior landscape, you should take into account how large each plant will grow. After all, you don’t want to place several small shrubs outside the office window, only to find that they’ve shot up and are obscuring your view in just a few months!


5) Look For Inspiration

Spring flower landscape ideas are all around us. From neighbouring gardens to television shows and even blogs like this one, there are plenty of places to find tips, tricks and ideas that could help you transform your business’s exterior.

6) Consider How Much Maintenance Will Be Required

Gardening is not like regular office maintenance. In the office, once you’ve painted a wall you can expect to sit back and simply admire it for years afterwards. With a garden, landscaping requires regular maintenance, care and attention. Whether you’re pulling weeds, pruning, watering or replacing old plants, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got enough time to keep on top of things in addition to running your business. If you’re struggling to find the time, you might want to consider hiring a professional gardener to help ease the maintenance burden.

If you require spring landscaping services in the Nottinghamshire area, why not consider Weedfree Landscapes Ltd? The firm has over 25 years’ experience and will be happy to discuss your requirements over a friendly phone call.

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Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
February 28, 2020
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.