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How To Time Ground Maintenance
If your commercial property boasts substantial amounts of healthy turf, you may be wondering when is the best time to have it mown. Indeed, finding the right time to call in a lawn maintenance team can be tricky because a variety of factors can affect the finish and health of your grass, as well as the comfort levels of the workers mowing the lawn. So, when should you be mowing your lawn in different seasons, and at what time of day? Read on to find out:

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Seasonal Considerations


Spring is an optimal time for lawn growth, so it is a good idea to start mowing the lawn in March using a high cut, preferably on dry grass. As the temperature starts to warm up in April, you will need to have the lawn mown around once a fortnight, moving up to once a week as you move into May and June. Once June hits, you may start looking to lower the cutting height, although try not to go under 4cm.


As you are probably well aware, the great British summer can be very temperamental, and the frequency of your ground care sessions will depend very much on whether the country experiences a scorching few weeks or a rainy season. If the summer is hot and dry, cut down your mowing frequency to about once a fortnight and try to raise the mowing height. If it is moist and relatively cool, you can maintain the same regime as in May and June.


With the autumn comes rain, meaning you should be mowing frequently into September and potentially lowering the cut of your grass. Once October hits, however, you can start thinking about cutting less regularly and raising the grass to winter height. It is also the perfect time to start clearing up autumn leaves that have fallen from trees.


Winter mowing should be much less frequent than at other times of the year, so make sure to mow a high cut lawn just as the season starts to keep it looking smart. Remember not to mow frosty lawns as this can damage the grass.

Timing Considerations


Mowing your lawn in the early morning can be a mistake, as dew can damage the mower and leave unsightly tracks. Mid-morning, however, is the best time of day to get mowing, as the dew should have dried and the heat of the day will not have set in.


Midday is not a bad time to mow the lawn, but it is not the best, particularly if it is hot. The midday heat can be very uncomfortable for workers during the summer.


Late afternoon is another good time to mow the lawn as lower temperatures will put less stress on your lawn and the grass will have some time to recover before nightfall. Try not to mow the lawn in the early evening, however, as it is the time when your grass is most susceptible to turf diseases and fungus.

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Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
June 14, 2019
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.