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When Should You Start Thinking About Winter Maintenance

Sometimes it can feel as if keeping grounds, frontages and access routes in a good, safe condition is a never-ending task! No sooner have you battled through the problems which summer weather can bring than the focus changes to dealing with the snow, ice and other issues which a drop in temperature can trigger. Here we take a look at how to time your winter maintenance so that when the thermometer plunges, you're prepared for the worst!

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Start Your Winter Maintenance Early

It's not just the winter weather which causes access, safety and aesthetic issues on your premises; leaf fall can also be an enormous nuisance. Beginning around October, fallen leaves create a slippery surface, and trap moisture which can adversely affect the concrete or slabs lying beneath them. Ideally, therefore, winter maintenance needs to commence in the late summer/early autumn, managing leaf fall before hazardous build-ups occur. Using winter maintenance contractors to clear leaves on a regular basis keeps paths free, ensuring that when snow or ice occurs, clearing and gritting is unhindered by an accumulation of frozen leaves.

Have You Chosen Your Winter Maintenance Contractors?

Ideally, you should have your contractors in place by the end of September at the latest. Many forward-thinking companies use the summer to select an appropriate contractor. Once appointed, they can then begin work as soon as leaf fall begins to occur. This "hit the ground running" approach ensures that your grounds remain in good condition and prevents the expense and inconvenience or rushed hiring to deal with a sudden change in temperature or heavy leaf fall.

Beat The Rush With Early Planning

Inevitably, the autumn storms trigger a flurry of calls from businesses who suddenly realise that winter is on the way! By negotiating your winter maintenance services early, you can be confident of ensuring you've secured the service you need in good time. Don't get caught out! Taking a forward-thinking approach and planning early allows your business to opt for winter maintenance contractors that offer a high level of service for a competitive price.

Experienced Winter Maintenance Contractors On Hand All Year Round

As a well-established company which specialises in winter clearance, landscaping, vegetation management and a range of other grounds and land maintenance services, we are able to offer an economical, complete solution to your winter maintenance needs. Get in touch now to discuss your needs in more detail or find out how we can help.

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Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
October 31, 2019
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.