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Why Its Important To Keep Weeds Under Control On Your Business Grounds

When you run a business, you have a hundred and one things to think about. Looking after your business grounds might not feature too highly on your to-do list, but that can be a mistake. Overgrown commercial gardens thick with weeds speak volumes about your business and where your priorities lie.

The problem is, keeping on top of weeds can sometimes feel like a full-time job so for businesses they can easily become a real problem.

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Weeds love business grounds

Weeds grow rapidly in the British climate. Wet, mild climates are ideal for weeds, and in no time at all, they can get out of hand. This is particularly so at commercial premises. Weeds have short roots that can insinuate their way into any crack or crevice. Many of them can flower and set seed several times during the year. This means they can easily find a way into hard surfaces. Concrete and paved surfaces don't contain any competitors that can crowd them out. Neglect to tackle weeds early on, and you can rapidly have a growing problem on your hands.

Why it's important to keep on top of weeds

Weeds can look unsightly and can have a detrimental effect on how your company is viewed. The exterior of your business serves as a shop window for your company. Don't let potential customers be put off by weedy and unkempt grounds. Once they're established they can be hard to get rid of. Weeds can clog drains and block surface run-off, adding to your premises' flood risk.

Dealing with weeds can be time-consuming

If you develop a weed problem on the exterior of your business it can be time-consuming to fix. Green areas around commercial premises can be great for wildlife and local bio-diversity, but if they're badly managed they can quickly look unsightly. Professional grounds maintenance can help keep your grounds and green spaces weed-free and looking at their best.

Weedfree Landscapes can create and maintain beautiful weed-free grounds for your business

When we treat weeds at commercial premises we make sure they never come back. No more weeding, no more worrying about unsightly grounds or trying to find the time and manpower to tidy things up. Our professional vegetation management service can take care of weeds and other vegetation, keeping your premises looking their best for visitors and staff alike.

Not only can we keep on top of weeds, we can help maximise your green space with intelligent planting and design.

Our friendly and professional team has a wealth of expertise when it comes to grounds management.

Why not get in touch today for advice and a free quote?

Why Do Your Grounds & Outside Space Matter? Click here to find out!

Image source: Pixabay

Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
July 31, 2020
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.