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Why size doesn't change the importance of maintaining commercial grounds-1
It's a common misconception that a smaller garden always equals a reduction in outdoor maintenance. The size of commercial grounds makes no difference to the degree of forethought, planning, and upkeep that is necessary to ensure that the space remains in top condition. Whether it's seasonal seeding and planting, routine trimming and pruning, or putting new design ideas into motion, there's always something to be done in order to maintain the entire area. With a maintenance contract, however, a professional team can use their expertise to ensure your venue's garden doesn't get overrun.

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1. The Team Will Delegate Tasks & Systemise

It might sound rather corporate, but an efficient approach to grounds maintenance requires a practical and intuitive system regardless of the size of the outdoor space. It's common for businesses to focus solely on planting and design, and therefore neglect other crucial areas of upkeep, such as clearing and trimming. In a small garden, it's particularly easy to ignore a bit of overgrowth, but these areas can quickly multiply and get out of hand, resulting in the need for a complete overhaul. However, with a small grounds maintenance contract, you can be sure that every task is delegated and fully completed.

2. They Will Consider The Requirements Of Your Space

With any commercial gardening plan, it's imperative to consider the needs and conditions of that specific location. If the garden is small, then it requires an even more careful approach to decide how to make the best use of the space and landscape design. A reliable maintenance firm will consider the demands of your location so that you don't have to worry about it. For instance, if more visitors are expected during certain months then they can bring in extra groundsmen. At Weedfree Landscapes Ltd, our small grounds maintenance contracts ensure that you get a full service that is tailored to your venue.

3. They Will Remember The Small Details

Unlike a personal garden, commercial grounds require forethought on a range of additional issues, and this is particularly true for a smaller area. With reduced space, it becomes more noticeable when furniture is left to deteriorate, or lawns become unkempt and overgrown. Similarly, the venue might have bins that need routinely emptying because of a high volume of visitors. All of these considerations are just as important as planting flowers and maintaining hedgerows when it comes to maintaining an outdoor space. Weedfree Landscapes Ltd's small grounds maintenance contracts ensure that every aspect of your outdoor upkeep is covered, and the garden is presented in a manner that makes best use of its space.

To hear more about the benefits of a professional grounds maintenance team, contact Weedfree Landscapes Ltd today and let one of our experienced staff help you develop a plan to care for your company's outdoor space.

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Tim Bower
Post by Tim Bower
April 5, 2019
Tim Bower is the Director of Weedfree and is an expert in grounds maintenance and keeping your business looking great all year round.