Gardening Services

IMG_4268We are proud to offer high-quality, professional gardening services to our domestic clients. Because each client’s lawn and garden will differ, our specialist services are tailored with your unique needs in mind. We work with you to ensure that your lawn and garden receive the treatments they need and that you want.

Year-Round Treatments
Your garden and lawn’s maintenance needs do not end in the fall. There is much that needs to be done to a lawn and garden in order to ensure its health is retained when the warmer weather arrives. Weedfree can cut your lawn, do your planting and strimming, maintain your hedges and tidy your garden. But we also offer winter maintenance services that include fertilisation and moss treatments.

Lawn Maintenance
Included in our lawn maintenance services is the mowing and edging of your lawn and other grassed areas. In addition to these services, we also offer lawn treatment for moss and weeds as well as scarification and aeration. Scarification removes moss from your lawn, while aeration serves to improve the drainage of your lawn. Aeration also help to break up and ‘relax’ the soil, which makes it more conducive to healthy lawn growth.

Lawn Treatments
Moss and weeds can seriously affect the overall health of your lawn and can ruin the look of your garden. Our Weedfree lawn treatment division offers treatment programs that are perfectly tailored to your unique lawn problems at a cost that is cheaper than the nearest competition…
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Beds and Shrubbery, Trees and Hedges
185xNx20092007025.png.pagespeed.ic.BqNCd5lsDSWeedfree also maintains flower beds and shrubbery, which can both become unsightly in a very short amount of time if left untended. We can visit regularly to rid your beds of weeds, in addition to digging, pruning and replanting any items you may wish to include in your garden. We also specialise in soft landscaping, which allows your garden to look its best.

Our trained professionals are experienced at cutting hedges of all types. We can trim hedges, remove them and also lay new hedging when required. Our tree surgeons deal with all manner of tree disease, treatment and prevention so that you can enjoy your trees for years to come. We can also advise you on any tree preservation orders that may be in place via our work with local authorities.

G154xNx26112007105.png.pagespeed.ic.uuBuZSIox9arden Tidy
Our garden tidy service is usually required before any maintenance services can be begun. Our garden tidy service can rid your garden of weeds, as well as keep your garden looking clean and fresh with fresh mulch and fertiliser treatments.

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