Commercial Landscape Services Derby

With a team of fully trained, professional gardeners, at Weedfree we deliver a full range of commercial landscape services to businesses in Derby and the surrounding area. We offer low prices on all our services, with flexible contracts to meet the needs of your ground at different seasons of the year.

Why You Need A Commercial Landscape Service

At different times of year, your commercial grounds will face different challenges. At the end of winter, for instance, you may find that dozens of little holes have appeared in your car park and walkways, creating a trip hazard for employees and guests. In the summer, overhanging tree branches may obstruct access areas, or weeds may ruin the appearance of your lawn and flower beds.

Maintaining a commercial area takes time, landscape knowledge and the right equipment. You could do this in-house yourself, but this often requires a large investment in tools and the expense of employing one or more people. You can save money by using a commercial landscape company like Weedfree. We offer the full benefit of employing a landscaping team yourself, at an affordable rate that can be scaled up and down according to your needs.

What We Do

Every company has different requirements for their premises, so we offer a flexible range of landscape services to meet your budget, your grounds and seasonal requirements. If you have a particular job to do you can take out our services on a case-by-case basis, or we can provide our landscape services on a flexible contract.

– Maintenance of flower beds and planters.
– Tree surgery, branch lopping and pruning.
– Lawn care.
– Soft landscaping for new grounds features, including flower beds, lawns, hedges etc.
– Maintaining architectural features.
– Seasonal maintenance; including snow removal, leaf sweeping, weed removal and repairing frost damage.

Why You Should Work With Weedfree

Choosing Weedfree for your commercial landscape requirements bring s you many benefits. Choosing a specialist commercial landscape service provider is always more cost-effective than hiring a general purpose garden, due to our experience, qualifications and specialist equipment.

– Guaranteed low prices on maintenance contracts and individual services.
– 25 years’ experience serving local businesses.
– Extensive public and employee liability insurance.
– Up-to-date stock of landscape tools and equipment, with all kit replaced regularly and kept in excellent working condition.
– A professional team of landscape professionals, qualified to take on any task you require.

Request a Quote

We provide a full range of commercial landscape services to keep your premises looking great throughout the year. Whether you are developing new premises or simply looking to maintain your existing commercial grounds, we can offer you a competitive quote and a quality service you can rely on. Call us to find out more on 01623 653 568.