Vegetation Management

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Vegetation is important for the environment and also for wildlife, so when thinking about the management of these areas it’s crucial to get an expert team on board. It can be difficult to find a balance between discouraging the local ecosystem and making the grounds safe for staff, visitors, customers or students, depending on the nature of your establishment.

Weedfree Landscapes Ltd offer a range of vegetation management services, whether you need vegetation cutting back from the road side or footpaths, or the careful management of meadow grass or wooded areas.

Our Services Include:

Tree and shrub pruning: When trees get out of hand, it can be difficult knowing how much you can cut them back without damaging them. Our experts will ensure trees and shrubs are healthy and kept tidy and appealing.

Brush and scrub clearance: Plants like brambles and nettles can take over and be tricky to clear, and often grow back fast, blocking paths and creating inaccessible areas. We can clear these areas, giving you potentially acres of space back and making paths and routes safe again.

Weed control: We don’t just remove weeds, we help stop them coming back. Imagine your green areas tidy and free of weeds all year long – that’s something we can do for you.

If you need a service that doesn’t appear here, please ask us.

Our friendly and professional team are available on 01623 653568 or simply drop us a message to discuss your requirements today.

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